The Hansell Group is a collection of talented young individuals that have banded together to form a stellar team that will take on any challenge with the ferocity and dedication needed to break down any obstacle in their path to achieve success. Our team has the highest level of integrity and has your best interests in mind first and foremost when working on creating practical and cost effective solutions for your organization.

The Hansell Group was created by TJ Hansell, the Chief Visionary for the Hansell Group. The Hansell Group started with his vision of what would make a great consulting firm and will continue to evolve based on his vision of growing the Hansell Group into a leading consulting group that is proud to be a magnet for young talented individuals that will ultimately spin off their own firms. Our success will not be measured in the dollars and cents, but by the success of the team members that move on to realize their vision. It is an incubator for the next wave of great businesses and executives.

Executive Staff

TJ Hansell, Chief Visionary
Darci Hansell, Marketing & Operations Manager

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