You are Always Number One

Dedicated to customer service, the Hansell Group provides each client a team to support your needs and to deliver quality top shelf service.

Our line of services revolve around growth. Growth in terms of revenue, your organization and in your own capacity. If you want to provide more meals to the less fortunate or take your company from the dorm room to Silicon Valley, the Hansell Group can help. We specialize in finding the opportunities that make the most sense for your organization and have the highest rate of success.

We pride ourselves in being… Efficient. Effective. Encompassing. Enduring.


Grants: Management, Administration and Writing


The Hansell Group provides comprehensive grant management services from the proposal stage through the period of performance. With its highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, Hansell Group will research and develop a grant pipeline that includes multiple funding agencies to meet the needs and/or goals of your organization. As part of the grant pipeline, the Hansell Group will build in “Go—No Go” decision points based on your organizations input to ensure your resources are invested wisely in opportunities with a high rate of success.

Once the grant has been submitted, Hansell Group services don’t cease. Our team has years of experience managing and administering multi-million dollar grants. The Hansell Group will help guide your project through the period of performance ensuring compliance with the regulations set forth by the funding agency and the OMB regulations that govern Federal grants, and do so in a manner that still enables your organization the ability to be successful. These services include: assisting with reporting requirements, budgeting, compliance, program implementation and financial management.

  • Researching grant opportunities
  • Establishing a grant pipeline with decision points
  • Developing the grant application and completing necessary grant documentation
  • Managing the grant after selection: financial management of grant funds, reporting, regulatory compliance and program implementation
  • Close out of grant award


The Hansell Group can assist your organization in determining the best approaches and strategies to accomplish your goals and objectives. Our experts are continually receiving additional training and adding to their amount of experience that will only help your organization stay on top of the latest trends, policies and changes in the regulatory landscape you operate within. Our consulting services are always tailored to your needs and wants.

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